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Who we are and why we have the right research steps for you.

After over 30 years of living and breathing marketing research, you'd think we'd know it all.

Truth is, we are always learning as we look for new answers with each client. Every marketing problem is different. Every project brings a new set of challenges. There are no magic formulas, and no boiler plate answers to your questions.

Think of marketing research as a series of strategic steps.

At CPR we plan, design, execute and analyze one step at a time. Our professional researchers lead your company on a well-organized journey towards a new level of understanding.

In our business there's science, and there's art. Only by blending the two, technical processes with individual creativity, can you find real solutions.

mission statement
the CPR formula
that’s our secret formula.
“the steps were higher 
            that they took.”
        j o h n   d r y d e n
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